1000VA simulated sine wave inverter
    1000VA simulated sine wave inverter-1

    1000VA simulated sine wave inverter

     1.Ultra strong adaptive capacity of loadings, can work for inductive loadings such as refrigerator and air conditioner;

    2. Low battery bank can do high power capacity, 12V battery bank can be up to 1200W, 24V battery bank can be up to 2400W;

    3. True C.R.G.O toroidal transformer, smaller idle current, lower static loss, higher efficiency;

    4. Mean-time between failures(MTBF) is 5-10 times longer than high frequency inverter;

    5. 32-bit high speed &accurate MCU control, with AVR functions 140-265V;

    6. The best quality price ratio, same price but lifespan 5-10 times longer than HF inverter

    Categories: UPS & INVERTER
    L-series (LSE/LSB/LSC) Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter
    Model LSE-500 LSE-750 LSE-1000 LSE-1300 LSE-1650
    Rated power 300W 450W 600W 800W 1000W
    Transformer C.R.G.O toroidal transformer
    Interface LED graphic
    Display status wroking& loading& battery
    Working mode PV(photovoltaic priority)/AC (AC priority) optional
    Input voltage 140-275Vac
    Frequency  45-65Hz
    Ouput voltage 220V+-3% for inverter;195-240V for AVR
    Frequency  50/60Hz optional
    Waveform Modified Sine Wave
    Wave distortion  <=3%
    Protection Overloadhigh temperature, output high voltage/output low voltage, battery low voltageshort circuitoverchargeover-dischargereversed polarity optional
    Transfer time <=6ms
    Battery voltage 12V dc 12V dc 12V dc 12V dc 24V dc
    Charge voltage 13.8+-5V 13.8+-5 13.8+-5 13.8+-5 27.6+-0.5V
    Low battery voltage limit 11+-5V 11+-0.5V 11+-0.5V 11+-0.5V 22+-1V
    Low voltage protection point 10.5+-0.5V 10.5+-0.3V 10.5+-0.3V 10.5+-0.3V 21+-1V
    Charge current Max. 23A
    Cooling system Yes
    Enviromental operating temperature 0-40 
    Relative humidity 10%-90%RHnon-condensing
    storage temperature ,-15°-45
      Qty/Ctn 4 2
    Carton size(mm) 785x305x240 410x395x240
    Carton G.W. 21 23 26 9 9.8

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