3000VA Pure sine wave solar Inverter
    3000VA Pure sine wave solar Inverter-1

    3000VA Pure sine wave solar Inverter

    1) Built-in high efficiency MPPT(Max Power Point Tracking) solar charger controller;

    2) True C.R.G.O toroidal transformer, lower static loss, more energy saving;

    3) Double CPU control, higher reliability;

    4) PV priority mode or AC priority mode optional;

    5) With AC charger function, charges your battery even without sunshine;

    Categories: Hybrid Solar Inverter
    S-series(SKE/SKB/SKC)Pure sine wave solar inverter
    Model SKB-2000 SKB-2500 SKB-3000 SKB-5000 SKB-7000
    Rated Power 1400W 1800W 2100W 3500W 5000W
    Battery voltage 24Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc 48Vdc 48Vdc
    Working PV(photovoltaic priority) AC(AC priority)
    PV Input voltage range 30V-50Vdc 60V-100Vdc
    Max. charge current 10A/20A/30A/40A 60A
    Max. conversion effciency 98%
    Display Panel indicator light LED graphic screen+LED lights
    Mains status
    Input voltage range 140-275Vac
    Input frequency range 45Hz-65Hz(auto transfer to inverter mode when over frequency)
    Output voltage range 195-240Vac
    Input PF.(AC/DC 98%
    Efficiency Mains mode
    Charge Current 10A
    Mains overload warning until load decrease
    Short circuit Yes
    Inverter Output Inverter output voltage 220V+-3%
    Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz+- 0.3Hz
    Output power factor =0.8
    Waveform distortion linear load<=3%
    PV-AC transfer time 4ms typical value Max. 6ms
    Efficiency inverter mode>=80%
    Inverter overload 110-130% shutdown at 30s130-150% shutdown at 3s
    Short circuit system automatically shut down
    Alarm Mains abnormal 1time/1ssilence auto after 5s/ 5s
    Low battery 1time/1s and flash battery last grid
    Overload 1time/1s and display"overload" grid
    Communication interface RS232
    Others Output socket universal socket/customized 
    Surge protection optuional
    Ambient temperature 0-40
    Ambient 10%-90%RHnon-condesing
    Noise <=50db
    Machine dimension (mm) 220x383x275 219.5x455x367 403x238x334
    Qty/Ctn  1
    Packing dimension 470x295x370 535x290x460 500x315x320
    Packing weight 14 17 18 25 *

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