80A MPPT solar charger controller
    80A MPPT solar charger controller-1

    80A MPPT solar charger controller

    1. Automatic identification system voltage, 12V/24V/48V auto recognition;

    2. Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm, charging efficiency 15-20% higher than PWM types;

    3. With LED display, which can show the charging current and voltage;

    4. Reliable over charge protection, once it is under over-current protection;

    5. Reverse polarity protection of solar panel and battery;

    6. Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance

                     SCC series MPPT solar charger controller
    12V/24V/48V auto recongnization  Model SCC-M20/SCC-M40/SCC-M60/SCC-M80
    Rated battery voltage 12V 24V 48V
    Max. working efficiency >98%
    Max. rated charging current 10-80A
    Rated battery voltage 12/24V/48V auto recongnization
    PV working input range 15V-150V 30-150V 60-150V
    Equalization charge voltage 14.2V+-0.3V 28.4V +-0.5V 56.8V +-1V
    Float charge voltage 13.6V+-0.3V 27.2V +-0.5V 54.4V +-1V
    Overcharge 14.5V+-0.3V 29V+-0.5V 58V+-1V
    Over discharge 10.5V+-0.3V 21V +-0.5V 42V +-1V
    Reasume starting voltage 13.2V+-0.3V 26.4V +-0.5V 52.8V +-1V
    Protection      overload, short circuit, reversed polarity
    PV reversed polarity protection Yes
    controller type MPPT
    Dimension 310x222x132mm
    Packing dimension 460x325x410
    Weight N.W./G.W (kg)  17.0/19.8kg

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